About my work

I want to do what hasn't been done before in sculpture.

I've been influenced most by Jean Tinguely, Olafur Eliasson and Anish Kapoor - who could not be more opposite. Eliasson's open spaces and abstractions showed me the relationship of distinct elements to an environment. Tinguely's fascinating machines operate independently of form and were a raw slap in the face to the form aesthetic. Today Kapoor's strictly formalist works represent the minimal direction I would like to take.

They're beautiful but they don't move much, and that's the gap I wish to fill.

Kinetic art

Through the 20th century modern kinetic art explored every combination of form and medium. Calder's mobiles and stabiles perfected primitive form, moving gently. Tinguely's raw exposed mechanisms took the opposite direction with a cacophony of movement and raw objects. Both artists' works were constrained by the day's technology to strings and motors, yet this humanity is what makes their works endure.

Today then we have a rich catalog of kinetic work based on beautiful or engaging forms that move slightly and mechanically... Essentially static sculpture that moves within the limits of 20th century technology.

Animatronic sculpture  

When will pieces be available?

I expect to begin taking orders in Fall 2019. Price ranges $2500 - $20,000.

Contact me at info@todddunning.com.